On October 15, 2007,  EUCantina.net was launched. Before turning into a full-scale website, it had been a discussion forum having various homes. When the staff on the forums realized that simply discussing the Expanded Universe wasn’t enough, the idea for EUCantina.net was born. After many months of planning and deliberation, Andrew Lupi (founder of those forums and creator of the EUC concept) and the entire staff were proud to launch the site. EUCantina is looking toward the future, and expanding itself every step of the way.

EUCantina.net in 2008

The EUCantina in 2008

EUCantina.net was created for one purpose: To help all Star Wars fans become familiar with and enjoy the Expanded Universe of the already amazing galaxy of Star Wars. Old or new fans can rely on us to bring the latest EU news, along with features such as columns, interviews, and previews for EU items. We are also proud to feature some of the best news reporting on the internet as well as reviews of Expanded Universe books, comics, and games. Enjoy your time here at our little Cantina, and May The Force be with You!


We strive to bring you the most riveting news, reviews, interviews, and much, much more. We can't do this without the help of our devoted and talented staff members who work so hard to bring this to the fans. You can find a list of the current staff and their positions on the Staff Page.


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