The Clone Wars Review: Altar of Mortis

Hello everyone! I’m Riley. Readers of EUCantina might not know me, but if you’ve listened to many of the fabulous podcasts from our sister site,, you may know my voice. I’m a former co-host of EUCast and the current host of The Bothan Report. I’m very excited and privileged to present to you, EUCantina’s The Clone Wars episode reviews.

Well, so much for answers.

This episode begins with a confrontation between the Son and Anakin. The Son attempts to bring him over to the dark side, telling Anakin - “How simple you make it. Light and dark as if there is one without the other.” Here we go again. The Son continues, “Aligned, you and I could restore balance wherever we go.” The word “balance” is used three times in the first two minutes. I talked a lot about  my thoughts on the balance of the Force in the Star Wars universe in last week’s review, so I won’t go into it too much. My opinion hasn’t really changed. Sadly there were just more conflicting and confusing perspectives on the concept of “balance of the Force”. Although, I think I've figured it out. “Balance” is just whatever the character wants it to be. Problem solved. For the Jedi, it’s the eradication of the Sith and all other evil in the galaxy. For the Sith, it’s the exact opposite. For the “Father”, it is the equal existence of both the Dark and Light that requires balance. I happen the hold with the Jedi’s point of view. I think that balance to the Force should mean a return to the Force’s natural state. A state which should be good. Not an equilibrium between good and evil. I guess we’ll find out if Uncle George might agree with me.

Now there are two of them!

This episode really made me want to see Ahsoka eventually go to the dark side. Alas, the cause of her turning in this episode was a werewolf bite from Dobby the House Elf. The few minutes of screen time that were given to Dark Ahsoka got me thinking. We’ve heard Dave Filoni so many times talk about how expensive it is to create new character models. Compare these two pictures.

Good Ahsoka

Evil Ahsoka

Who doesn’t want to see the fallout of Ahsoka turning? Count me in that camp! They have the model and I dare say this episode was some of Ashley Eckstein’s finest voice acting. She really embraced the raving, evil lunatic and pulled it off brilliantly. Despite some of the oddities of these past two episodes, I’m really enjoying them. I say it’s better to address larger issues of the Star Wars universe, such as the prophecy of the Chosen One and the balance of the Force, rather than the corruption of school supplies and terrible decline of healthcare and social services in the Republic.


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