The Clone Wars Review: The Citadel

Hello everyone! I’m Riley. Readers of EUCantina might not know me, but if you’ve listened to many of the fabulous podcasts from our sister site,, you may know my voice. I’m a former co-host of EUCast and the current host of The Bothan Report. I’m very excited and privileged to present to you, EUCantina’s The Clone Wars episode reviews.

After all of the hullabaloo of Savage Oppress, Darth Maul, Qui Gon Jinn, and the mysteries of the Force, this episode might seem a little lacking in controversy. In fact, the two most significant events in this episode were the return of carbon freezing and the reappearance  of that foul stench, Grand Moff - I mean - Captain Tarkin.

The convenient carbon freezing facility in the Jedi Temple.

I did see a few complaints about the carbon freezing sequence, but I personally didn't have any problems with it. The main point of contention seemed to be that there were next to no side effects; no “carbon sickness”. However, in The Empire Strikes Back, Vader clearly states that “This facility is crude”, implying that he is familiar with carbon freezing technology. I also loved this scene because it showed some ingenuity on the part of the Republic. Re-programing battle droids? Carbon freezing to avoid life form detection? What brilliant ideas! If only Princess Leia had an Ugnaught handy to freeze her on board the Tantive IV in A New Hope...

Will Tarkin be holding Anakin's leash?

That's what I'm Tarkin about! (Couldn't resist.)

The minute Tarkin is introduced to The Clone Wars audience, we see that he's already well on his way to becoming the Grand Moff of the Empire. He's obviously a proven warrior; Jedi Master Even Piell trusted him with half of the valuable information. I loved how Tarkin wasn't afraid to disagree with the Jedi even in front of his fellow troops. The closest anyone else has come to being that defiant is Admiral Yularen. Interesting that they both end up in the Empire. I wonder how many non-clone Republic soldiers went along with Order 66 and the transition to an Empire. Other than that, there wasn't much to this episode. I don't mean that in a bad way. It seems that we're back to good old fashioned The Clone Wars.

Droids are blasting,


Clones are dying,


Stations are exploding,


…and Ahsoka is back to whining... sigh.

and Ahsoka. All of the things that make up The Clone Wars.

Things finally seem to be back to normal. -Riley

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