New The Old Republic Comic Miniseries Coming

Issue #124 of Star Wars Insider has announced a new comic miniseries from Dark Horse. Titled The Old Republic: The Lost Suns, the series will kick off this June. According to Insider, the comic is:
A five-issue series set during the timeframe of the highly-anticipated MMO The Old Republic, The Lost Suns is set approximately 3,600 years before the movies. It stars Republic spy Theron Shan, son of Jedi Master Satele Shan, and packs explosive revelations relating to the events of the game. For this tale the game’s senior writer Alexander Freed reunites with the “Blood of the Empire” creative team of Dave Ross (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Michael Atiyeh (colors), and Benjamin Carre (covers).
An image from Insider of the comic can be seen below.

The Old Republic: The Lost Suns

Source: NJOE

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