Insider Reveals Three New Comic Arcs

Star Wars Insider #124, which hits store shelves this month, reveals the titles for three upcoming arcs of Star Wars comics from Dark Horse. Star Wars: Knight Errant will continue in August with Deluge, an arc with events taking place just after the Knight Errant novel. Star Wars: Dark Times will also pick up in August, with a five issue arc titled Out of the Wilderness. Finally, Insider announces Star Wars: Invasion: Revelations, the third arc of the series coming in June.
Starting in issue #12, this new story arc sees the heroes of the Galfridian family step into their new roles as combatants in the middle of the biggest war the Star Wars galaxy has ever seen. Finn Galfridian has already lost his father and his homeworld to the Yuuzhan Vong, and now he offers himself for Force training by Master Dray-who just might be insane. Elsewhere, Finn’s mother and sister reach the Imperial outpost of Shramar, where refugees from their home planet hope to reunite with their family members. But a mystery turns dangerous and then threatens violent conflict between the New Republic and the Empire! Writer Tom Taylor and artist Colin Wilson continue their ongoing Invasion saga.
A full image of the Invasion cover, as seen in Insider #124, can be seen below.

Star Wars: Invasion: Revelations

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