Jedi Exile Confirmed for TOR, Revan Appearance Hinted

It's been a reveal hinted at since the Mysteries of the Jedi Knights trailer landed last September. Revan. Revan's fate has been shrouded in secrecy, a character with an intriguing background who simply disappeared into the unknown and was never heard from again. But now, BioWare is returning to Star Wars with its first Star Wars game since Knights of the Old Republic. They've done a lot of growing since then, particularly with the massively popular Mass Effect series. Now, like the Sith, they have returned. And what better company to share the fate of Revan than the company that created him. The hints in the above-mentioned trailer are just one piece of the puzzle. Drew Karpyshyn, author of the Darth Bane books and a writer for BioWare, has been busy writing the third The Old Republic book. The subject of the book is unknown, which is rather odd considering it's supposed to be out this Fall. Clearly, Del Rey is gearing up to launch the book alongside the game. Why the secrets, then? Well, I wouldn't trust a story involving Revan to anyone other than Karpyshyn. Based on some gameplay footage that we've seen, it's also clear that a flashpoint event in the game will, in some way, involve Revan and will likely be one of the first "major" events in the game. Well, now we know a whole lot more about this Revan-related flashpoint thanks to a gameplay video that has surfaced from the PAX East 2011 convention. In what appears to be the start of the flashpoint, a Republic-based flashpoint based on Taral V, the characters approach Jedi Master Oteg, a member of the same species as Yoda. He reveals the Force ghost of the Jedi Exile, who communicates some sort of riddle about a prisoner who has been fighting the darkness for 300 years. Only... it's not a riddle. Your mission in the game? It's time for a prison break. Now, we should point out that there's no actual confirmation that this is Revan. But the hints all add up. And hey, now we've got actual confirmation that Jedi Exile is in the game.
Master Oteg: She is here. A Jedi without physical form. Her body is long dead, but her wisdom... her essence... lives on. Jedi Exile: The darkness will consume all it touches. Stars will burn black. Ashes raining on lifeless worlds. Everything ends. The prisoner holds the darkness at bay, lost inside it for 300 years. His strength will fail. Then, he will become the darkness.
The video, in its 14 minute entirety, can be seen below.

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