Information about Alex Irvine’s Ancient Jedi Novel

Author Alex Irvine recently updated his blog with information about his standalone novel "set in the time of the ancient Jedi Knights" set for release in the fall of 2010, as announced here. He stated: "Lucasfilm has announced an extension of their deal with Del Rey until 2013, and yours truly is going to be writing a novel set just before the Knights of the Old Republic storyline. Since I am one of those guys who saw the movie (you know, The Movie; you know the one I mean) a dozen times the summer it came out, this is kind of a dream come true. Viva la Geek! Plus, there are some interesting open spaces in the continuity from that period, which give me a lot of room to work. " A Kotor era novel!? Start speculating, my friends!

About the Author

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