TCW Season Finale Episode Descriptions, Filoni to Direct

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider has revealed new information concerning the final two episodes of The Clone Wars: Season 3. Short descriptions of the episodes are provided, and the writer and director for both episodes are listed. Supervising Director Dave Filoni will direct both episodes. Filoni was the director for the Season 2 finale, and directed the finale for the first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. For more on the episodes, read below. Episode 21 - Padawan Lost Director: Dave Filoni Writer: Bonnie Mark
The hunt is on! Can Ahsoka Tano save a group of younglings stranded on the planet Iwasskah? Will Anakin disobey orders and mount a rescue attempt? Time is running out as the Trandoshan hunters are getting closer to their prey.
Episode 22 - Wookiee Hunt Director: Dave Filoni Writer: Bonnie Mark
An unexpected ally lends a hand as Ahsoka and the Padawans formulate a daring plan of escape. As the Trandoshans move in for the kill, all hopes rest on a kindly Wookiee named Chewbacca.
The season finale will air on April 1. Source: Star Wars Insider 124

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