EU Link Roundup – March 13 – 19

Sometimes tidbits of Expanded Universe news will appear online that don't really require an entire article from us. While you can catch these links on our Facebook and Twitter pages, you may miss them if you only follow this website. Here are sme of the stories from this March 13 - 19  that you shouldn't miss. It will be updated throughout the week. Highlighting this week's roundup is a blurb for Fate of the Jedi: Ascension and updates from Sue Rostoni.
  • In the new listing for Fate of the Jedi: Ascension, by Christie Golden, we get a very brief blurb and some new details on future covers. You can read the synopsis below, but note that there are minor spoilers.
In this penultimate novel in the bestselling Fate of the Jedi series, Luke Skywalker, his son Ben, and the Sith girl Vestara are in hot pursuit of the dread power called Abeloth, who has joined forces with the Sith in a bid to take over the galaxy. The leadership of the government is uncertain, torn apart by power struggles and infiltrators, while the Sith have a terrible secret that could shake the Jedi Order to its core…
The listing also mentions new packaging: "While we're keeping the look of the nine-book series consistent, we're giving the last three books (starting with Conviction, Summer 2011) a distinctive look to set these final novels apart as a climactic mini-trilogy for readers." It informs readers that there are more than 660,000 Fate of the Jedi books in print, with each title in the series being a New York Times bestseller. (via)
  • Drew Karpyshyn's The Old Republic novel also has a new listing, and while there is no blurb or title included, it does tell us that the title will be revealed on April 15, and confirms that the cover and the first excerpt from the novel will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con in July, as first reported here. (via)
  • has posted another update to the online expansions for The Essential Atlas book. This new map features sectors of the Mid Rim.
  • Sue Rostoni has hit up the official Star Wars message boards with updates on two novels. First, she gives an explanation for the new cover of Paul S. Kemp's Riptide, saying that "The sales folks at Random House weren't sure it [the original cover] was strong enough--not as dynamic as they'd like." Sue also says that the back cover for Fate of the Jedi: Conviction should be revealed soon. "We'll be reviewing it today and if it passes muster, should be posted sometime next week."
  • Fansite Lightsaber Rattling is giving away two Star Wars novels. You can enter to win Fatal Alliance (hardcover) or Outcast (paperback).
  • Club Jade is holding a craft contest with with a grand prize of The Star Wars Craft Book and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, with bookplates signed by all six authors. Other great prizes include three hardcover Fate of the Jedi novels (signed). Pull out your scissors and glue and get started! Details here.

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