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EUCantina may not be in the trenches of Chicago while C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, rages on, but that hasn't stopped the flow of information from reaching the online masses. We've been following the great reporting from Star Wars Action News, and while there haven't been any major announcements... there certainly is plenty to talk about. The biggest news out of C2E2 is that the paperback reissues of The Phantom Menace and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter will each include a brand-new James Luceno short story that focuses on Darth Maul. It would seem that Darth Maul is back in season for 2012, with his much-anticipated return to life in The Clone Wars television show, and his upcoming 3D theatrical appearance on February 10, 2012. Luceno, whose Darth Plagueis novel has been finished and is due out in early 2012, seems to have made a nice return to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, having been away since his last book, Millennium Falcon, hit shelves in October 2008. Also announced were the official return of original short stories to the Star Wars Insider magazine. Some fans might recall that the latest issue of Insider (#124) included "The Third Lesson," a short story by Paul S. Kemp, author of the upcoming The Old Republic: Deceived. Like his upcoming novel, the short story also centered around Darth Malgus. The next issue of Insider will include "First Blood," a short story by Christie Golden that stars Fate of the Jedi's lovely Sith starlet, Vestara Khai. The following issue will include a short story by Timothy Zahn entitled "Buyer's Market," which centers on Lando Calrissian and will presumably be set in the same timeframe of Zahn's upcoming novel, Choices of One. For the rest of the news, jump past the break! Fans that have been clamoring for a return to anthologies, such as Tales of the Bounty Hunters, can take solace. Although there is nothing planned beyond John Jackson Miller's upcoming Lost Tribe of the Sith anthology, Del Rey disclosed at C2E2 that they would like to do another "Tales of..." anthology book. Perhaps fans will finally get the Tales of the New Jedi Order or Tales of the Clone Wars that they have been long awaiting. Del Rey also took the time to officially announce J. W. Rinzler's Making of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Rinzler is fresh off his well-received Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and while this announcement shouldn't come as a surprise, there are plenty of fans who will now assuredly offer a sigh of relief that Rinzler will get the opportunity to tackle the final installment of the Original Trilogy. In addition to this announcement, Aaron Allston's upcoming Wraith Squadron novel was also given a Summer 2012 release date. As for fans that have been eagerly awaiting the next big event following Fate of the Jedi, there's a little update on that information as well. "Big things are coming after Fate of the Jedi," said a Del Rey representative when asked about bridging the novels to the Legacy comics. "Conversations have been had." Finally, no Star Wars panel could be complete without touching on continuity. "They will fix this Even Piell thing," a Del Rey rep said, referring to Piell's death in a recent episode of The Clone Wars, while his character had already appeared, and been killed, in the Coruscant Nights trilogy that took place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. "There's nothing that can't be fixed," John Jackson Miller added, bringing about a fresh optimism to the canon quagmires that seem to swallow up so many Expanded Universe fans. Still, it was refreshing to see Del Rey admit that it isn't always easy to produce content while having to contend with The Clone Wars. "Unfortunately, the Clone Wars TV series is making glitches in the canon." Perhaps the understatement of the year, but it's reassuring to see that canon issues are not being ignored. We'd like to again thank Star Wars Action News for this great update from C2E2, and remember to stay tuned to EUCantina for the latest Star Wars news.

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