New Ostrander Comic Series Announced

The C2E2 news just keeps on hitting, with the reveal of John Ostrander's new Star Wars series: Agent of the Empire. Set for release in December 2011, this series takes place in the years prior to Episode IV: A New Hope. The story follows an Imperial intelligence agent who travels the galaxy, in the vein of classic spy thrillers like James Bond and the Bourne series. This offers a nice Imperial perspective that really hasn't had much coverage aside from the Empire comic series. Of course, eagle-eyed fans will also notice that Ostrander's often collaborator, Jan Duursema, doesn't seem to be attached to this project. The artwork released for the series seems to support that theory, going for a more exploitative 1960s-style than Duursema's more modern style of artwork. Still, our fingers are crossed that the two will find a way to work together on this new series. The first image of Agent of the Empire can be found after the jump.

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