Dark Horse Announcements from C2E2

As C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, continues through the weekend, Dark Horse came out swinging with a bunch of very interesting bits of news that we've compiled here into one post. We've been following the great reporting from The ForceCast, and there's certainly a lot to talk about. The biggest news out of C2E2 for Dark Horse is the newly announced series, Agent of the Empire. Despite Dark Horse attempting to shy away from the mostly uncharted territory between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, the new series will take place three years before A New Hope. The main character, possibly named Jahan Cross, will have a droid assistant and may be interacting with characters from both the films and Expanded Universe. The series will reportedly include strong female figures, with characters like Leia, Winter and Isard being mentioned as possible candidates. Other movie trilogy characters will likely be featured, but not in any main roles. As we pointed out in the original announcement, Jan Duursema was noticeably absent from this announcement. Luckily, our fears were put to rest as it was announced that Ostrander and Duursema are working on yet another new series, the details of which are currently unknown. Of course, for every bit of good news, there's always some disappointing news. Today, Dark Horse announced that there are currently no plans for a comic series focused on Darth Bane or the Star Wars: Battlefront games. In addition, there are also no plans for a new Rogue Squadron series. But, as always, "no plans" doesn't mean "never." So if you're dismayed by this news, don't give up hope just yet. We've got a bunch of other Dark Horse comic news, which can be found after the jump. In an interesting turn of events, George Lucas has mandated that there cannot be any Quinlan Vos comic stories for now. This may come as a surprise to fans, as Quinlan Vos was arguably the highlight of the original Star Wars: Republic run that told the events of the Clone Wars. Speculation abounds as to why Lucas would make this decision, and although it may have something to do with the live-action show, it seems more likely that this is because he will likely be appearing again on The Clone Wars television show. Dark Horse also announced that they will be providing more direct tie-ins to The Clone Wars in the future, and are working to build a more integrated relationship with the Star Wars novels from Del Rey. In addition, Dark Horse will continue to publish between three and four Star Wars comics each month through 2011. Fans of The New Jedi Order will be disappointed to learn that Crimson Empire III will not pit Kir Kanos against the Yuuzhan Vong. It was announced today that Crimson Empire III will take place just two years after Crimson Empire II, placing the new miniseries at 13 ABY. For those wondering just what was happening during this time period, the answer is... not a whole lot. Only X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar and Planet of Twilight take place during this period, making it rife for storytelling possibilities. Adding to the speculation surrounding Darth Revan and a possible appearance in The Old Republic, Dark Horse announced that Darth Revan will appear on the cover for the second issue of the next The Old Republic comic arc. At this point, Darth Revan's inclusion in The Old Republic may simply be one of the worst kept secrets in recent Expanded Universe history. As Legacy wraps up with its miniseries, Legacy: War, Dark Horse reminded fans that all characters are not guaranteed to live through the end of the series. Fans of John Jackson Miller's Knight Errant comic will be pleased to learn that the second arc, "Deluge," will hit stores beginning in August. The next Dark Times arc looks to ramp up tension as it features Darth Vader on the hunt for Dass Jennir. To further highlight the implications of this arc, Dark Horse promises that Vader will use his lightsaber. Our fingers are crossed that he'll be battling Jennir, and not using it to open a can of rations. In other Darth Vader news, Darth Vader and the Last Command will be collected as a hardcover. Finally, Dark Horse promises that Star Wars will continue to be featured in the new Dark Horse Presents comic in some way, shape or form. A lead-in to Crimson Empire III, just eight pages in length, will be the first Star Wars content included when Dark Horse Presents #1 hits shelves on April 20. Fans of short stories should no doubt begin rejoicing now. We'd like to again thank The ForceCast for this great update from C2E2, and remember to stay tuned to EUCantina for the latest Star Wars news.

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