Star Wars Novels to Go Digital This Summer

Star Wars has slowly stepped into the eBook market as readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Barns & Noble Nook have grown in success. Years ago, only the occasional short story was made available as an eBook. Now, we're now at the point where many--but not all--novels are released digitally. Fans can count on big series like Fate of the Jedi getting eBook releases, but you never know with standalones like Red Harvest, Knight Errant, and Deceived. Of those three, only Deceived was given a digital release. Thankfully, this is about to change. According to Max Jaybo from NJO, nearly one hundred Star Wars novels will be made available for digital download on August 17, 2011. Max Jaybo believes this massive catalog update will make every single Star Wars adult novel available in eBook format. This is huge. This information comes from Random House's Smart Archive, the contents of which can only be accessed via search. Our friend Pete Morrison over at Lightsaber Rattling took the time to compile the full list of titles, 98 by his count, that will be released later this summer. It's quite a list, and it saves fans a lot of time searching through the database. The overwhelming majority of novels appear to be set at the $7.99 price point. Club Jade has easy-to-follow instructions for those interested in looking through the database themselves. For fans on the fence about making the switch to eBooks, this is great news. Lower prices, instant delivery, and less shelf space are huge advantages for eBooks, but inconsistent digital releases might cause some fans to hold off on making the jump to digital. If Random House's database is correct, this will no longer be a problem. Hopefully, all future books will be released digitally day-and-date with their physical counterparts. Lucasfilm and Random House/Del Rey deserve a big round of applause for making this happen. Update: In an official response, a representative from Del Rey had this to say:
As we've been saying for some time, we're working hard with Lucasfilm to make ebooks available as soon as possible for all the novels. It's a complicated process and not one that happens quickly. While the information that is being posted a...nd talked about on other sites sprang from info on a Random House website it's common practice for Random House to use temporary data as placeholders until plans for books are finalized. When the time is right Random House and Lucasfilm will release an official statement regarding when we will expand our ebook program. Until then we ask for your patience. Thank you.
Source: NJO, Lightsaber RattlingClub Jade

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