April 1st: Follow Up to Legacy – War by Jan Duuresma!


Brought to you by The Official Site's 2011 AFDP team. But we didn't fool you! It was too obvious for an EUCer! A new series! Set to follow Legacy - War no less! And penned in both story and art by Jan Duuresma! It's almost too much fun. But the most shocking is what seems to be one more in a continued series of minor spoilers given in the blurb. Beware readers! Beyond the jump is a spoiler so insidious, it might be a sign that Dark Horse is striking back... (Perhaps not? Could just be a fanboy POV; judge for yourself after the jump) SPOILER-WARNING

Star Wars: R2-D2 The Galaxy Far Far Away lost one of its most beloved heroes when Darth Krayt destroyed R2-D2 in the closing chapter of Legacy: Way. Now Dark Horse is proud to present a commemorative collection detailing previously undocumented adventures of everyone's favorite droid! Written by longtime Star Wars artist Jan Durursema in her first full series as both Writer and Artist. R2-D2 features a collection of stories narrated by the characters who knew him best—including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and the their children—that reveals special glimpses of R2-D2's long, heroic past. Don't miss the opportunity to say goodbye and farewell to this beloved character!

Randy Stradley first suggested Chewie's death; now it would seem Dark Horse has found a way to get another character from the Saga taken from the board. But what a great run he had! I mean lets take a moment here and think back on the life of the wonderful droid. I mean it's not like he didn't go the distance. Artoo has been a major force in many novel series. He was Luke's trusted companion and most recently aiding Luke's ancestor Cade Skywalker. Star Wars: R2-D2 explores the Galaxy's favorite droid's past in the fashion of Chewbacca- the comic Dark Horse Comics published following the famous death of everyone's favorite Wookiee. Will this series be the last death throw of the Legacy era? Or is it a sign that more is to come? Feel free to also add your opinion to the discussion at TOS's Forums as well here at EUCantina! Source: Eddie (TOS) (ALL PART OF THE PRANK. But we didn't fool you! It was too obvious for an EUCer!)

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