Submit Your Questions for Sue Rostoni

EUCantina has had a tradition since it started in 2007. We've had the privilege of interviewing Sue Rostoni, Executive Editor at Lucas Licensing, every other year. Our discussions with her in 2007 and 2009 are still online. This has given us an opportunity to periodically check in on all of the upcoming Star Wars novel projects, and Sue has been kind enough to participate in another interview this year. You may see an article on EUC every so often with information provided by Sue in the VIP thread of the forums. She will often take the time to use this thread to answer questions that fans have posted to her. With the news today that those forums will be shutting down for good on June 3rd, many fans may be wondering if the chance to ask Sue their questions will be gone for good. While we can't provide any lasting solution (perhaps Sue could join Twitter?), we can give you a way to continue to send her your questions right now. We will be interviewing Sue on May 1st this year. Please email any questions that you would like to see answered to before that date. We can't ask Sue every question, but we'll do our best to get the majority answered in this interview.

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