Karpyshyn Novel Title – The Old Republic: Revan

As promised on Drew Karpyshyn's official website, the title for his The Old Republic novel has been revealed today. It's a title that is sure to make many Knights of the Old Republic fans squeal with joy: The Old Republic: Revan. Revan is the third book connected to the upcoming video game, and it promises to reveal what happened to Revan after the events of Knights of the Old Republic. The novel should also tell readers "who the Sith Emperor is in the time of the Old Republic, where they came from and how they have held onto power for so long."
Q: The book is months away, but can you say how much of Revan will be revealed? A: We called the book Revan because this is his story; he is the main character, and readers are going to see much of this book through his point of view. There are other characters, of course - some old and some new - but Revan is the primary protagonist.
Revan is hardly the only character from KOTOR that will be appearing in this book. Karpyshyn reveals that "Canderous, T3-M4, the Exile and Bastila Shan all have significant roles to play in the novel (along with some significant characters who appear in Star Wars: The Old Republic)." The official TOR website has a full interview with Karypyshn about the novel online now. Revan is set to hit shelves on October 18. We're certainly excited for this novel, especially after speculating that it would feature Revan last month. You can discuss all of this new information on our forums.

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