Drew Karpyshyn Discusses “Revan”

One of the most anticipated novels of the year is Revan by Drew Karpyshyn, who helped create the character for the Knights of the Old Republic video game.  Many fans have wondered how Karpyshyn will address Revan's amped-up skills as portrayed in KOTOR. On his blog, Karpyshyn recently addressed those questions, including how he has approached writing the character as a literary protagonist and how that compares to Revan's characterization in the video game. Karpyshyn stated that video games and novels "are meant to convey different experiences and the two representations of the character simply cannot be laid on top of each other. To put it bluntly, Revan in the book will not be the uber-powered death machine you controlled at the end of the video game." The author went on to explain that writing an over-powered main character who easily defeats hundreds of Sith would be very boring and would create very little tension or drama for the reader. He also assured fans that the novel will not ignore Revan’s accomplishments from KOTOR and that the character will still be portrayed as a very powerful Jedi. Finally, Karpyshyn requested that fans of KOTOR stop thinking of the character in terms of video game mechanics. Character traits for a novel and game mechanics are two very different things, and work in very different mediums.  As Karpyshyn said, "I don’t want to be limited in what skills, abilities or actions my characters can take by labeling them with a specific class from a game." Be sure to read the entire blog; it is a very interesting look into the differences between writing for different mediums. Thanks to Knights Archive for the heads up on the blog post.

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