Summary of Shelly Shapiro’s Facebook Chat

Del Rey editor Shelly Shapiro took some time today to chat with Star Wars fans on Facebook. Using the official Star Wars Books Facebook page, Shelly answered questions about many Star Wars novels from the past and in the future! She talked with fans for over an hour. We've taken some of Shelly's more noteworthy answers and included them below. You can read the entire chat here. The following is a list of new information or clarification provided by Shelly during the chat:
  • She has no doubt that the Del Rey novel timeline will eventually catch up to the Legacy comic series.
  • There are currently no plans for more Tales collections. Shelly notes that  "the only collection we're planning is a Lost Tribe of the Sith collection."
  • Shelly says that she likes smugglers, and that Del Rey will consider smuggler-type adventures in the future.
  • Del Rey has marketing plans tied in to the Blu-ray release of Episode 1. Whether this includes more than the reprints of The Phantom Menace and Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter is unknown.
  • With Heir to the Empire being re-released this year, fans are curious about new editions of Dark Force Rising and The Last Command. Shelly says, "I'd love to do them, but I think we will likely let the market guide us on that decision."
  • Shelly makes several comments on the future of novels after Fate of the Jedi. She says that they have "No idea yet [for the series after FotJ]! We have a lot of ideas to hammer out first." She goes on to say that she can "tell you that there are definitely plans for post-FotJ stories. Just not sure yet what form and exactly what the stories will be." And don't fear for a major character death in this series. Shelly: "Actually, what I recall promising was that in this series, NO major character would die. Believe it or not, we don't kill major characters lightly, and we don't enjoy inflicting grief on our surviving characters"
  • Del Rey should be sticking to  hardcovers, mass-market paperbacks, and now e-books for the foreseeable future.
  • There are currently no definite plans for a Darth Bane follow-up, but Del Rey does want author Drew Karpyshyn to explore the future with Zannah.
  • Shelly reiterates that George Lucas has the final say as to when and how Luke Skywalker dies. There are no current plans to even touch that subject.
  • After a fan asked why editors don't do their jobs, Shelly responded with this lengthy post:
  • Why don't editors do their jobs? Well, I suppose I should be a little insulted by that question. I know I do my job. But I can tell you that these books go through a lot of iterations, and are read and reread by numerous people, but that sometimes, even with all that, errors slip through the cracks. Rest assured that every error we do catch gets corrected, but if we catch it too late... We're also on a very tight production schedule, which can introduce errors, as well. We do our best to not let these things happen, and I, for one, hate when I find out that a major error has made it through into a finished book.
  • Aaron Allston's upcoming Wraith Squadron novel takes place around the end of the Fate of the Jedi.
  • The cover for Revan will be revealed is in the sketch stage, and should be revealed this summer.
  • Shelly gives an interesting quote on Palpatine:  "I think once you've read Darth Plagueis, every one of Palpatine's later decisions will be very clear. It will make watching the prequels much more interesting, I think."
Again, you can read the entire chat here, and keep an eye on some of your other favorite fansites for a complete transcript in the near future!

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