Qui-Gon Comic Series to Continue after “The Dark Side”

When Jedi - The Dark Side was originally announced in January, it was billed as a miniseries. There would be a five issue arc for sure, with no concrete plans to continue the story after that. But writer Scott Allie left the door open for more arcs in an interview with MTV when the series was announced:
MTV: How big of a story do you have planned? Is there a chance it could become an ongoing series?
ALLIE: We're doing five issues to start, and we have a longer story sketched out, but I'm not sure if we'll treat it as an ongoing or a miniseries.
In a new interview posted today, Allie makes it clear that there will be more in the Jedi series after The Dark Side concludes. Asked specifically if there are "plans for another story arc after this series, centered on the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn", he confirmed the continuation:
Yes. This is meant to be a cycle of stories exploring this particular era in Qui-Gon’s life, and actually a later arc will be as much of a horror story as Lucasfilm will let me get away with. But Dark Side is not the end of this story for me …
This is fantastic news for those who enjoyed the first issue of Jedi - The Dark Side, which hit shelves last week. Issue #1 was an exciting beginning to this fascinating period of Qui-Gon's life. Discuss this topic on our forums.

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