Kicks Off TCW With the Return of the HoloNet News!

Last night, kicked off Star Wars: The Clone Wars with the return of the HoloNet News!  After a six-year wait, the great “series” has returned!  Here’s what had to say:

What's it like to live in a galaxy at war? Back in 2002, Lucas Online sought to answer that question with HoloNet News, a news website set within the Star Wars galaxy. For weeks, the site tracked important news and events, becoming a favorite among detail-oriented fans, but then was suddenly "shut down" as the emergency of the Clone Wars erupted.

HoloNet News returns online in an all-new incarnation. Now, regular installments will keep galactic news junkies abreast of news and opinions from the far-away galaxy, but rather than read the news, you can hear it. As a tie-in to the The Clone Wars television series, HoloNet News has turned into a downloadable MP3, available both here at, and on iTunes. Some news bulletins will be standalone stories. Others build upon and explore the events of the television series. Some offer clues as to upcoming episodes. Expect the show format, hosts, and even points-of-view to change as the series continues. After all, it's a big galaxy.

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This is great news!  The HNN bulletins are very well done.  Sadly, if you want to listen to it, you have two options: you can either manually download it from, or you can get it as a podcast from iTunes.  This is great for many people, but like me, not everyone uses iTunes or wants to manually download each episode. 

As of this writing, Lucas Online has not provided a podcast RSS feed.  So, I went ahead and made one myself:  Just copy and paste the URL into your favorite podcatcher, and you’re ready to go!  Now anyone can have the HNN bulletins download straight to their favorite podcast program!  I will update the feed ASAP whenever a new HNN bulletin is released.  If Lucas Online provides an official feed, I change the internal FeedBurner URL.  You won’t have to change a thing on your end.  Enjoy!


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