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The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, is set to kick off tomorrow with Microsoft's press conference. The event, which is scheduled to start at 12:30pm EST, will reveal many highly anticipated games, including Kinect Star Wars, which was announced at the same event last year. Entertainment Weekly, however, appears to have jumped the blaster, posting a trailer and details about the game. "Jedi Destiny" mode puts players in the shoes of multiple characters in various situations. The game takes place in the Prequel Trilogy era, but features locations from the entire saga. A few of the locations featured in the game are Bespin, Tatooine, and Coruscant. The game supports up to two players and takes advantage of Microsoft's Kinect add-on for Xbox 360. This enables players to move their hands as if swinging a lightsaber, using the Force, or operating vehicles like podracers, X-wings, and more.
"What we found early in development is that [no one wants] to look like 'Star Wars kid' in front of [their] friends," says Craig Derrick, LucasArts' lead producer on the project. "If I am doing these actions, and if I am seeing the character on screen repeating those actions, I want to look bad-ass. We decided to augment the animation, so when I sweep my hand right to left with my lightsaber, it’s going to look cool. That was a major challenge and it works."
Voice commands are also supported, thanks to Kinect's impressive voice recognition technology. The current implementation of this is unknown, but current speculation circles around a possible use for Jedi Mind Tricks. For more information, check out the official trailer on Entertainment Weekly's website. And don't forget to watch Microsoft's E3 press conference tomorrow at 12:30pm EST on SpikeTV. Source: EW UPDATE: Some actual gameplay footage has hit the web, thanks to Kinect Star Wars being shown off at Disneyland Adventures. There is noticeable lag present between the player and the game, but it is currently unknown if this is a design feature or simply the byproduct of showing off an early build of the game. If this is the latter, hopefully the lag will be reduced to nonexistent levels by the time the game launches. Currently, there is no release date for Kinect Star Wars. Jump to the 0:37 mark for the Star Wars footage. UPDATE 2: A LucasArts product manager informed Engadget that "a lag fix is inbound." Excellent!

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