Tackling The Old Republic at E3 2011

The 2011 Electronic Arts Expo (E3) is in full swing, and, as expected, BioWare has already announced quite a few things in regards to their upcoming MMO The Old Republic. To make it easier for our readers, we will do our best to catalog all the interviews, previews, videos, and more that is revealed from The Old Republic here. Be sure to bookmark this article, as it will be constantly updated with the newest information as it's available. Keep on reading for more! Screenshots: BioWare showed the planet Tattooine to attendees on the E3 show flow. They released screenshots of the vehicles and characters gamers will discover there, as well as images of the planet itself. To see them all, as well as get a full-scale dissection of them, check out Darth Hater's article. Also, be sure to check out Ask A Jedi's round-up of the Tattoine adventures.


BioWare also released three new videos for The Old Republic: a cinematic trailer, a gameplay trailer, and a general trailer. Links to all three can be found below.
  • "Return," cinematic trailer.
  • "Choose," trailer which premiered during EA's press conference and is available only on the EA Origin site.
  • E3 2011 Preview, gameplay trailer available at GameSpot.


Members of the crew working on The Old Republic sat down for interviews throughout the Expo, revealing lots of interesting information. The list of interviews can be found below.


E3 isn't just about trailers, screenshots, and interviews. Thousands of game journalists are offered the chance to play The Old Republic on the show floor or in private meeting rooms. Other news outlets are given exclusive information from BioWare. Here they are for your reading and/or viewing pleasure. Keep checking back for all the latest and greatest on Star Wars: The Old Republic from E3 2011. We'll keep this post updated with all the latest from around the 'net.

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