Rostoni Retiring – Thank You Sue announced yesterday that Sue Rostoni, Executive Editor at Lucas Licensing, will be retiring in July. Sue has worked as an editor of Star Wars fiction for over 20 years.
"I have enjoyed the best job in the world with the most wonderfully creative people," said Rostoni. "I'm so grateful to have been a part of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones programs these past years -- it's been the most challenging and rewarding time of my life."
I'd like to express my personal gratitude to Sue, not only for her years of work in Star Wars publishing, but for her constant kindness and assistance to EUCantina and Star Wars fans worldwide. She took part in three interviews for EUC over the past 5 years, and always expressed how much enjoyment she got from simply answering our questions. Sue was perhaps the most accessible VIP on the forums, as she provided fans consistent updates and news about the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Despite guiding the creation of numerous best-sellers, I don't think that Sue Rostoni's biggest impact came in the form of a novel she edited or story she approved. Not for me. Sue acknowledged this little website back when it was nothing but an EU forum with scarcely 60 members. It's hard to describe what that meant to us. For me, Sue's biggest impact came through her treatment of the fans. I know many of you who would agree. I've told Sue before that I greatly appreciate her work, especially for the fans, but that could easily be dismissed as me just trying to make sure she continues to do interviews with EUCantina. That isn't the case. I honestly appreciate what Sue has done. She has always taken time out of her day for EUCantina, and I hope that she can do so once more. Not to answer any more questions, but to read this and know that the thankfulness is sincere. Thank you Sue. We all appreciate it.


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