TOR Set For Pre-Orders Now, and Beta Test Weekends Soon

San Diego Comic-Con is bringing out a whole slue of announcements, and ones surrounding Bioware's upcoming The Old Republic is no exception. Read on for two announcements that are bound to have gamers and non-gamers alike getting quite exciting for what will hopefully be a Star Wars smash-hit. First, fans can now pre-order the MMO, now targeted at a "holiday season" 2011 release, in three different versions: Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Edition. All three versions have items/offers unique to their own version, so be sure to check out the differences HERE. (Note: As of the writing of this, the Collector's Edition is currently sold-out on EA's Origin system, where it will be exclusively for digital distribution. Other outlets still have it in stock, currently.) The pre-orders are limited, so be sure to choose wisely and pretty quickly. Also announced by Bioware's parent company, EA, was that September will see "Beta Test Weekends" for The Old Republic. These weekends will allow "select players" to see the game in action early. If you haven't already, be sure to visit and register for game testing while signing-up for an account on the site. Read the full press release about the Beta Weekends here. Source: (via)

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