Star Wars Comics Hit Digtial Distribution

For 20 years, Dark Horse has been publishing the comics of the galaxy far, far away. That's something to be proud of for sure. Today, at the 20th Anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Star Wars comic publisher Dark Horse held a panel today at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of the first announcements made was in regards to their Star Wars comics. Specifically, starting today, Star Wars comic titles will be release digitally via Dark Horse's site. Titles currently available include issues of the critically claimed series Knights of the Old Republic, Legacy: War, Knight Errant, The Old Republic, and Jedi: Dark Side, and more. They are each priced at $1.99, with Kotor #1, Crimsion Empire #1, and Knight Errant #1 each coming in at $.99. If you ever wanted to dive into the wide world of Star Wars comics, there has never been a perfect time! Dark Horse is planning on weekly releases of older and present titles going forward. All titles available currently for purchase can be found here. Source:

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