Next Zahn project speculation from Comic Con

Star Wars Action News was at Comic Con and among all their other coverage, got the chance to sit down with Timothy Zahn at the Del Rey booth.  Zahn discussed the upcoming 20th Anniversary Edition of Heir to the Empire, the recently released Choices of One, his original fiction, and possible future Star Wars stories. While Zahn could not divulge any specific information about the potential project that was discussed with Del Rey’s Shelly Shapiro, he did make some interesting statements that readers will surely speculate about until any official announcements are made:
-       There will definitely be new characters in the next project, as he will be trimming back the old characters to a smaller group. -       Zahn will be visiting a new and previously unexplored time period. -       Del Rey's first open publishing slot is November 2013, but if the decision is made to make the project into a duology, they will need to find an earlier slot so the books can be released relatively close together, with six months or a year in between. -       The project has only been discussed between Zahn and Shapiro, and while Lucasfilm attendees at Comic Con expressed positive feedback, no official approval from Lucasfilm has been granted.
Zahn stated that whenever a formal decision is made, he will post the information on his Facebook page, so be sure to “like” his page and follow EUCantina for any and all news about this new project. I have many, many story ideas that I’d love to see Zahn tackle.  Personally, I’m hoping for anything that allows more Luke and Mara interaction after they're married.  Or a smuggler book.  I’m really not picky. Thanks to Star Wars Action News for the great interview.  You can find listen to the podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

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