Ascension and Scourge updates

The Star Wars Books Facebook page posted the fourth mini-excerpt from Fate of the Jedi: Ascension by Christie Golden.  The novel is released in hardcover and ebook formats next Tuesday, August 9.
“Genius, by the way, and such a nice little jab at the Jedi. The disguise, I mean.” He turned his head toward her as she sat beside him in the copilot’s seat. “Oh— you mean the mad Jedi and their imposters. Thought that was a good touch myself.”
Hmm, seems to me like some conspirators are back to playing dress-up games! In other news, the title for Jeff Grubb's upcoming novel has been revealed: it's called Scourge.  The novel will take place prior to the New Jedi Order and feature a new Jedi Knight named Mander Zuma.  According to Del Rey, "it's about a murdered Jedi and the investigation into the Hutt's criminal enterprises."  Sounds like it could be very interesting, and it should be fun to revisit that earlier era in the timeline.  Scourge is scheduled for release in April 2012 in paperback format.

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