New Stover short story coming to the Insider

The official Star Wars Books Facebook page revealed today that Matthew Stover has written a short story that will be featured in Issue #30 of the Star Wars Insider.  This is the fan-favorite author's return to the GFFA since his 2008 novel, Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.
I do indeed have big news: I am just about to send along a new story to STAR WARS INSIDER, for Issue 130, out on December 13th. It's called "The Tenebrous Way," tying into the DARTH PLAGUEIS novel by James Luceno.'s written by Matthew Stover!
Issue #29 of the Insider will feature the short story "A Fair Trade" by Paul Kemp.  The Bind Up Saga Special, on sale in November, will contain the short story "Vader Adrift" by Ryder Windham.

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