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Last Updated: 7/13/2009, 11:30 PM PST On the 30th Anniversary of the MMO, LucasArts announced Star Wars: The Old Republic, a brand new MMO from BioWare which chronicles the era 4,000 years before the movies.  Here, we present you with all the details on the game from around the internet.


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  • “A dynamic period full of Jedi and Sith.”
  • An innovative, story-based MMO.
  • Four pillars:
    • Exploration.
    • Customization.
    • Combat.
    • Story.
  • BioWare: “The biggest challenge for this game is the sheer amount of content we have to create.  This is a huge game.  And just to give you an idea of how huge this game is: we were taking a look at it, and really, this game has more story content then every single other BioWare game put together.  That’s come before.  So that would mean: Baulder’s Gate, Baulder’s Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect… and all the expansions.”
  • It will be a good game for KOTOR fans who don’t play MMOs.
  • You can have companion characters.
    • Will HK-47 make a return?
    • Companions will have their own stories and quests.
    • If you are evil, you can manipulate them.
    • BioWare: “companions are not pets.”
    • You will be able to interact and upgrade multiple companion characters, but only one can accompany you at a time.
  • The Story:
    • Takes place around 3,500 BBY.
    • Set roughly 300 years after the previous KOTOR games.
    • There is an uneasy truce between the Republic and Sith Empire.
    • The truce is like the Cold War, with proxy wars, etc.
    • The characters all know war is going to break out.
    • BioWare: “we are trying to recreate the dream of creating their own story and joining other players in the epic conflict over the galaxy.”
    • BioWare: “The Sith story is just awesome.”
    • BioWare: “A Han Solo story will have a different feel than a Luke Skywalker story.”
    • The story is much more personal focused.
    • It is not just about you running around and going on the same quests as everyone else.
    • Playing as a Jedi and playing as a Sith are like playing two different games.
  • Factions: Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.
    • Each faction will have unique classes.
    • If you start in the Sith Empire, you can eventually become a Sith Lord, or you can be good.
    • If you start in the Galactic Empire, you can be good, or you can embrace the Dark Side.
  • The goal is to have individual stories for each character, and you can meet up with other characters.
  • Players will have to make hard choices.
  • Key Factors:
    • Companions.
    • Player choice.
    • Unique classes.
    • Players joining together.
  • The game’s art is designed so that it will run well on all PCs.
  • If it’s in the movies, you should be able to do it in the game.
  • Meaningful game choices:
    • LucasArts/BioWare is “taking companion experience to the next level.”
    • You can romance or betray your companions.
    • You will be able to kill other players.
      • You get to choose who lives and who dies.
      • There is no “save key.”  You can’t undo your mistakes.  If you kill a companion, they’re dead.  Forever.
  • “It’s not just about the Jedi Knights.”
  • The good/evil mechanic has a gray area.
  • BioWare: “you can play on your own, but we’re going to encourage you to be social; we’re not going to force grouping, but we aim to encourage.”
  • Players can join together to help each other with quests.
  • BioWare is trying to humanize the Sith Empire.
    • Even though the leaders may be bad, not all members of the Sith Empire are.
  • As a Sith, you can decide whether you uphold Sith values or change things from within.
    • Companions will help guide your thinking/choices.
  • Regular classes can go up against Jedi/Sith.
    • BioWare: Jango Fett and General Grievous are characters who can take down Jedi…
    • BioWare: “we’re focused on making a heroic game, so even if you’re not a Jedi, you’re the best representation of that class.”
  • Characters from KOTOR may show up (at least, those that can live for more than 300 years… HK-47, maybe?).
  • The KOTOR minigames are back (Pazaak, etc.).
  • Korriban will be in the game.
  • There will be enough customization for people who don’t want to look like the stereotypical hero.
  • Dark Side players will get different gear than Light Side players.
    • Dark Side gear looks like it belongs to someone on the Dark Side.  Same for the Light Side.
    • Smugglers won’t get Dark Side gear.
  • Possible classes are smugglers, soldiers, and criminals.
  • The combat is not turn-based.  It’s all in real time.
  • Jedi and Sith will have different quests.
  • You cannot be a farmer.
  • The dialog system will be more cinematic, not like early BioWare games where you can have dialog trees dedicated to stupid subjects.  (ed. sounds similar to Mass Effect).
  • BioWare: "If you roll a Jedi character and you play them from the first level to the last level, and then you roll a Sith and you play them from the first level to the last level, you will not see one repeated quest, line of dialogue, or piece of content. It is a 100% different story experience.”
  • The game’s class-specific storylines mean that if you’ve always wanted to play a Sith Lord, "you are playing – for all intents and purposes – the Sith RPG."
  • Will probably be micro-transaction based.
  • Tython, Nal Hutta, and Ord Mandell will be playable planets


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