Get Ready for Riptide

The novel is released tomorrow, but if you absolutely positively cannot wait, here are some excerpts to tide you over! The Star Wars Books Facebook page released the final mini-excerpt today.
“You give exactly no orders here, Jedi. Do you understand? You will do exactly what I say and only what I say.” Jaden’s fist clenched in frustration. “Who are you? What do you want?” “I will explain that in person, Jedi.” The request puzzled Jaden. “You want to meet?” “I want to trade. Khedryn Faal for you. Otherwise, I’ll kill him.”
Sounds like things are getting ominous for Jaden Korr. Also, Suvudu has an interview with the author, Paul S. Kemp. Look for our spoiler-filled review of Riptide tomorrow morning!

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