Revan Excerpts, Ahoy!

Are you just so incredibly excited for the new The Old Republic: Revan novel that you can't stand it anymore?  Well lucky for you, because several excerpts have been posted that should tide you over for the next few days until the novel's release. Star Wars Books posted two final mini excerpts on their Facebook page. Excerpt #4:
“Give these to Revan,” she said, placing the items in Meetra’s hands. The first was a holorecording she had made of their son’s last birthday celebration. The second was a heavy object wrapped in a swath of black cloth. Meetra unwound the cloth carefully, revealing a worn and scarred metal helmet with a red- and- gray faceplate. “Revan’s mask!” Meetra gasped.
Excerpt #5:
"Scourge cried out in anguish as the Emperor’s mind brushed against his, then he collapsed to the floor, shaking like a child. The touch lasted less than a second, but in that time he witnessed indescribable horrors that dwarfed anything the dark side could conjure in his worst nightmares. And beneath the formless terrors lurked the unbearable Void, the pure emptiness of total annihilation."
Finally, the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website posted a longer excerpt, from Chapter 3 and Chapter 11.  You can read the content on the website here. The novel, by veteran Star Wars author Drew Karpyshyn, will be released in hardcover and ebook formats on November 15.  EUCantina will be posting its review at 12:01 a.m.

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