The Shadow Games Come Tomorrow!

Tomorrow sees the last major book release of 2011 with Shadow Games by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bonhoff.  The novel features the return of Shadows of the Empire's redheaded and green-eyed smuggler, Dash Rendar.  (What is it with red hair and green eyes in the Star Wars universe, anyway?) Roqoo Depot has an interview with one of the authors, Maya Kaathryn Bonhoff.  She talks the fourth Coruscant Nights book, the death of Even Piell, and the inclusion of Han Solo and Prince Xizor in Shadow Games. Per usual, the Star Wars Books Facebook page posted one final mini-excerpt in anticipation of the novel's release.
As if she heard Dash’s eyes rolling, Javul shot him a backward glance over her shoulder. She made a face at him. He laughed out loud, which drew him a not-so-pleasant look from D’Vox. “Uh, sorry. Eaden just told me a joke.” “Really?” D’Vox said. “When did he do that? I didn’t hear him say anything.” “Yesterday.” He shrugged. “I just now got it.”
Look for EUCantina's review of Shadow Games later this week.

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