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Hello, everybody! On the forums, one of our moderators, Darth Skuldren, has been updating the thread directories in all the forums, such as the characters and media forums. These thread directories are put together to help guide you to the threads discussing your favorite topics. This week, we also see the return of the Editorials here at with the return of the Jundland Wastes Wizard’s Corner! Chris P. wrote a piece concerning his thoughts on TFU and its role in Star Wars continuity. Be sure to check both these updates out. Editorial Page,'s Forums UPDATE: We've also got a review by Darth Skuldren for Millennium Falcon which can be found here. Be sure to check it out, but beware of some spoilers. Reviews Page

About the Author

Lawrence Davis joined near its start, served as one of the original hosts for EUCast, and now reviews Star Wars comics since he consumes too many comics each week. He grew up watching the Star Wars films over and over again, and he dived into the EU after reading the X-wing book series and the New Jedi Order novel, Conquest.