The Old Republic: Story and Excitement

It seems "The Old Republic" keeps getting hotter and hotter! First up is a very, very interesting interview with lead writer Daniel Erickson on Gamasutra. Here's an excerpt: How big is that team? DE: We're well past a dozen. Just writers? DE: Just writers. Dedicated writers, writing for years and years. One of the things I mentioned in the other pieces [is that] we have more story content than every other BioWare game ever made combined, so it is the largest project. We realized at one point that we were doing enough content, just dialogue, to fit in dozens of books. It's pretty mind-blowing! You can read the entire interview here. Once you're done with that, you might want to head over to Games Radar and see the six reasons why they are really excited about The Old Republic. Source: Gamastura, Games Radar

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