With the Apocalypse, Come Excerpts

Don't worry, Expanded Universe fans - the Apocalypse will not bring the end of the GFFA!  As revealed today by Del Rey's Erich Schoenweiss, Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse will an include an excerpt from the upcoming novels Scourge by Jeff Grubb and X-Wing: Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston. For those of you expecting an excerpt from the yet-to-be-announced post-FotJ projects, Schoenweiss says:
I know that some of you were expecting an excerpt from a post Fate of the Jedi series in Apocalypse. We are working hard on the post FotJ saga, we're just not quite ready to talk about it yet.
Later, regarding the length of post-FotJ series, Schoenweiss clarified:
No worries folks, we're on the record several times as saying we want to focus on 2 or 3 book series after FotJ and currently have no plans for any big nine part epics.
Apocalypse, by Troy Denning, will be released on March 13.

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