TFU is Better With the New Xbox Experience

One of the features in the New Xbox Experience (NXE), the brand-new redesign for the Xbox 360, is the ability to install games to the hard drive.  This optional feature allows you to speed up load times and decrease the wear on your game discs and optical drive.  The game disc is still required to be in the console for verification purposes, but once the game is installed, it plays off the hard drive instead.

How does this relate to Star Wars?  The Force Unleashed, while a great game, has very long and annoying load times.  Even supposedly simple things like opening up a menu to change your lightsaber color or costume can take a while.  But with the ability to install the game to the hard drive, loading times are decreased by at least half!  (As far as I can tell.)  It makes The Force Unleashed a much “faster” game.  Now, my one annoyance with the game, is gone!

If you have an Xbox 360 console, the New Xbox Experience (it is a free update), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and 6.6 GB of free hard drive space, I recommend you try installing the game to your hard drive.  Trust me, it’s worth it!

About the Author

William Devereux (@MasterDevwi) is EUCantina's administrator, as well as the host of the Ion Cannon podcast. When he's not talking about Star Wars, he works at Microsoft as a Program Manager.