Review: The Clone Wars – Crisis on Naboo (4.18)

Air Date: 10 February, 2012 Written by: Brent Friedman Directed by: Danny Keller Special Guests: Stephen Stanton (Moralo Eval), Dave Filoni (Embo) This review contains minor spoilers. This week’s episode of The Clone Wars is the fourth and final part of the Moralo Eval arc, called Crisis on Naboo. Chancellor Palpatine visits Naboo to preside over the Festival of Light, while Dooku, Moralo Eval, and their team of bounty hunters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi still undercover as Rako Hardeen, put into motion their plan to kidnap the Chancellor. I enjoyed this episode. It was well paced, and the action was well choreographed. The art remains really well done, especially the buildings and interiors on Naboo. But most importantly, we finally learn the master plan of Moralo Eval, which necessitated breaking him out of prison. In brief, Eval used the Holographic Display Matrix, invented by one of the bounty hunters who died in The Box on Serenno the previous episode, to disguise Kenobi/Hardeen, Embo, Twazzi, and Derrown as Senate Guards so they could get close to Palpatine, with Cad Bane leading the operation. This plan is interesting and it's complex, and it could be argued that, since it was Eval's idea, the breakout from prison was necessary, thus validating the entire arc. There is also a very interesting twist at the end, which I will not get into here, which proved extremely entertaining. Another interesting and well done element was Anakin's reaction to the Jedi Council plot to fake Obi-Wan's death. He learned the truth in the previous episode, but could only confront Obi-Wan about it in this one. He was enraged by the thought that Obi-Wan and the Council didn't trust him. This lays the foundation for the mistrust between Anakin and the Council in Episode III, which Palpatine knows to compound later. My only issue involved one plot point: the Jedi Council and Palpatine's office knew full well that the kidnapping plot was going to happen, without knowing any details except that it would take place on Naboo during the festival. Why could he not postpone? Or open the festival remotely? In real-life, if a World Leader was explicitly told that there would be attempts on his life if he made a trip, then his security would not let him make that trip. I know Palpatine is strong willed, but still, I should think that the Jedi, the Naboo, and Senate Security would do a better job at preventing him from being exposed to the threat. I loved this episode. Recalling that I had mixed feelings at the beginning of the arc, Crisis on Naboo brings it all together in a spectacular fashion.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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