Death Cults in the EU? Knight Errant Writer on New Comic Arc

The writer of the Knight Errant novel and comic, John Jackson Miller, gave an interview giving a description of the upcoming comic arc: "Escape". Miller was interviewed by io9 about the next instalment in the Old Republic era-set comic, giving the basis and overview of what's to come, involving a Sith Death Cult, and a severely mentally twisted Sith Lord.

The front cover (click for larger image)

Miller explained that this storyline would be the "darkest" Knight Errant story so far, and could have very important game-changing outcomes, affecting what happens next in the GFFA to a large degree;
Escape is the third Knight Errant miniseries, and it is by far our darkest, potentially impacting the entire galaxy.
This arc will put more focus on the Sith Lord Odion, and he will feature as the main villain, with Sith lackeys Daiman and Malakite. The existence of other living beings causes Lord Odion actual physical pain, leading to him to want to wipe out as much life as possible. Returning to Sith space, after fleeing as a child, Jedi Kerra Holt is determined to stop Lord Odion, and his warped cult of destruction. You can read the full interview here.

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