Review: Knights of the Old Republic: War #3

Script: John Jackson Miller Pencils: Andrea Mutti Inks: Pierluigi Baldassini Colors: Michael Atiyeh Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War reaches its midpoint with issue #3. Everything falls into place, and now our hero is desperate to stop a rogue Jedi who plans to even the scales in the Mandalorian Wars.

Knights of the Old Republic: War #3

John Jackson Miller takes most of this issue to reveal all the characters’ motivations and goals. As a result, there isn’t much action in it, but Miller manages to squeeze in a bit for those hungry for it at the start. But if you’re like me, then you’ll be glad to see everything begin to make sense, and you’ll let out a satisfying “Ahhh!” at the right moment. The characters are motivated emotionally, and their words speak that pain, aided by the art (more on that in a moment). Fans of the original Knights of the Old Republic run will also recognize a few more characters that make special cameos to help Zayne out one more time. As for the art, it’s gotten better in this issue (aside from the Bith having too round of heads). Because of the setting of most of this story, Andrea Mutti and Pierluigi Baldassini’s use of shadows makes more sense in this issue than it did in the last two, and the darkness on Zayne’s and Dorjander Kace’s expressions shows the internal conflicts these characters are experiencing exactly as they describe their feelings. It’s all very emotionally driven this time around, and I expect it to become more so in the next two issues. War has reached its peak, and now we get to watch everything play out. John expertly sets up for the conclusion with character revelations, and Andrea and Pierluigi’s art has impressed me even more than before. I now have high hopes for the next two issues, and if you haven’t checked this title out just yet, I recommend you pick this issue up and do so.
4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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