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In the season finale of Season Four, “Revenge,” Savage Opress and his brother Darth Maul confront Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress in an epic battle in space. In this week’s edition of Expanding the Clone Wars, we explore how this episode fits in with the Obsession mini-series, Maul's place as Darth Sidious' apprentice, and Maul's mechno-legs. Check out our review of the episode here. Obsession In this episode Asajj Ventress joins forces with Obi-Wan Kenobi. This plot twist shows us that Asajj may be moving closer to returning to the light side of the Force since her betrayal at the hands of Dooku. This turn of events could place this episode before the miniseries Obsession that saw Asajj Ventress leave her life with the Separatists behind, and not place the episode after like we had originally assumed. At the end of the Obsession, Obi-Wan said to Ventress that there was still light in her before he believed she passed away. With Asajj helping Obi-Wan fight Maul and Savage, this gives more depth to Obi-Wan's statements of there still being good in her. We have no idea where this union may lead in the coming seasons and for all we know it may become a romantic one that could lead to jealous bickering between Asajj and Satine. Heck, maybe Siri Tachi can make an appearance for even more romantic tension! Maul and Sidious The big question raised at the end of this episode is what will Darth Sidious do when he learns that Maul has returned? Does Sidious know Maul lives and has a plan laid out, or will he have to begin improvising? Perhaps Darth Maul will go after Count Dooku in an attempt to retake his place as Sidious' apprentice. In Darth Plagueis it was revealed that Sidious was given permission by his master to train Maul only as a weapon and not a true apprentice in order to avoid breaking the Banite Rule of Two. How will this motivate Sidious? Will he just view Maul as another Ventress who can be easily disposed of, or will he seriously consider pitting him against Dooku, keeping the victor as his apprentice? Maul Legs For a while it wasn't confirmed whether or not Maul would have the cyborg legs we first saw in the Visionaries short story Old Wounds, but in this episode Mother Talzin created a new set of mechno-legs for the Sith Lord from the remains of Super Battle droids scattered among the ruins of the Nightsister temple on Dathomir. Maul has lost some of his agility we saw in The Phantom Menace because of the mechno-legs, but he still makes an intimating fighter. Perhaps to boost the tension in The Clone Wars, Maul should kill Obi-Wan and in classic SWEU fashion Kenobi would return in a clone body: Obi-Two or Obi-Waan. It would be incredible if Maul managed to survive the remainder of The Clone Wars and eventually follow Kenobi to Mustafar before finally confronting him at the Lars farm on Tatooine, only to be shot in the head by Owen Lars, making the Old Wounds story official canon. However, this turn of events would be very unlikely. Other Stuff A keen-eyed EUCantina reader, Jim Haley (Kirr), noticed that the Turtle Tanker ship had a similar design to the World Devastators from Dark Empire and had the legs of an AT-AT walker. Thanks for joining us this week as we expanded Episode 4.22 “Revenge” and since this was the last episode from Season Four, make sure you join us when we Expand The Clone Wars movie and Season One during the summer. Sources Dark Empire, Darth Plagueis, Obsession, Old Wounds, Visionaries Written by Andy Ury All staff members can be contacted at staff@eucantina.net

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