The Force Unleashed DLC Impressions

MTV Multiplayer Blog has released their review of the DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.  Here’s a few of the things they had to say:

It was, as “The Force Unleashed” project lead, Haden Blackman, told me in October, highly destructive. It distinguishes itself from the original levels of “Force Unleashed” by the amount of breakable, toss-able, and combustible stuff which your Jedi-on-steroids can crunch, crash and crush.

So you enter the Temple. You fight a lot. You tear up the scenery a lot. There are a few puzzles, more than were in the entire original game. It’s good fun. But reminders of unfixed “Force Unleashed” flaws do surface.

The level takes a full hour to play the first time (on the second difficulty level, at least) because it can get hard. There are a lot of enemies to fight and at least one tough restart checkpoint. Unfortunately, this bonus adventure ends abruptly, clipping its own little story. It’s strange, because the original game so superbly and completely delivered its own tale.

While I don’t exactly agree with everything they say (I think the content is worth buying), they do make some good points.  To read the entire article head on over to MTV Multiplayer.

As for our impressions of the DLC, you can listen to it on Episode #41 of the EUCast, available later today!


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Source: MTV Multiplayer, EUCast Episode #41

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