More Info on Scoundrels from Timothy Zahn

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly revealed the title (Scoundrels) and cover art for Timothy Zahn's "Han Solo Heist" novel. Zahn went on to give a few more hints about the book on his Facebook page:
I've noticed that speculation has already begun as to the identities of the rest of the scoundrels. Just to make it clear: while there may be a name or two you recognize, most of the rest of the group will be new characters. (Many of Han's old established cohorts are smugglers, and we're going to need *slightly* different skill sets on this one.)
A few hours before the EW article, we posted a column speculating about the identities of the scoundrels. It will be interesting to see who Zahn places around Han. This is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars projects of the year - but it certainly has competition! The 10th book in the X-wing series, Mercy Kill, will also be published this year, written by Aaron Allston. With the last X-wing novel being released in 1999, anticipation for Mercy Kill has been built up for over a decade. Which novel are you more excited for? Place your vote in our Facebook poll. Scoundrels is set to be released on December 26th. X-wing: Mercy Kill will hit shelves on August 7th. You can view our complete EU release schedule for more book and comic dates.

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