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Del Rey Frank Parisi was recently interviewed on the ForceCast and revealed the identity of two of Zahn's "scoundrels" - Winter (Celchu) and Kell Tainer. EU fans will know intelligence agent Winter from the Thrawn Trilogy and the Rogue Squadron books and comics. Winter was instrumental in watching over the Solo children during their youths and went on to marry onetime Rogue Leader Tycho Celchu. Demolitions expert Kell Tainer made his debut in Wraith Squadron and also appeared in the New Jedi Order's Enemy Lines duology. He will also be appearing in this summer's X-Wing: Mercy Kill, by Aaron Allston. Kell eventually married Tyria Sarkin, a Wraith-turned-Jedi, and their son Doran has been featured in the Fate of the Jedi novels. As previously reported on EUCantina, the remaining "scoundrels" will consist of new characters. Scoundrels is due for release on December 26. Do you ever wonder what Star Wars would have been like had Darth Vader raised Luke as a non-evil father? The new children's book Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown seeks to answer that question. The images are quite adorable, and as a fan of alternate universe stories, I'd totally buy this. The book will be released on May 4. Over on Twitter, Del Rey revealed that they are working on the outline for the third edition of the Essential Guide to Characters. Also, Karen Miller will be contributing a short story to Star Wars Insider Issue 135, featuring Myri Antilles. Youngest daughter of famed starfighter pilot Wedge Antilles and intelligence expert Iella Wessiri Antilles, Myri will also appear in Mercy Kill, following in both her father's and mother's footsteps. Finally, Jason Fry, author of the Essential Guide to Warfare, released Parts 1 and 2 of his endnotes over on his blog. They're an interesting read; be sure to check them out. You can read William's review here and EUCantina's interview with Jason Fry here.

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