Review: Knights of the Old Republic: War #4

Writer: John Jackson Miller Pencils: Andrea Mutti Inks: Pierluigi Baldassini Colors: Michael Atiyeh Lettering: Michael Heisler Cover Art: Benjamin Carré The race for Zayne Carrick to break free and stop the Mandalorians enters its final stretch as John Jackson Miller, Andrea Mutti, and Pierluigi Baldassini present the penultimate chapter of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic—War!

Knights of the Old Republic: War #4

John’s script bridges the gap between last issue’s revelations and next issue’s climactic finale. The issue focuses on our hero uniting the Republic prisoners to save a Jedi target from the threat of Dorjander Kace and his Mandalorian allies, and Zayne even shows how his most ridiculous plans and unfortunate circumstances can all work out fairly well if he just sticks with it. John’s strength is in relaying the character’s emotions through their words, and when Captain Morvis reveals his true self, we all know exactly how he feels and where he’s coming from. If I didn’t get that sense from the dialogue, this issue wouldn’t have been worth half as much. Andrea and Pierluigi continue to illustrate Zayne’s latest adventure. A few awkward shadows I’ve seen throughout this miniseries continue to pop up, and during a key moment concerning Captain Morvis, the blacking out of his eyes takes away from his intensity. But two panels later, the art team shows they can do a great job at capturing emotions and expressions in their art, which makes me ask; why the odd shadows? Nevertheless, the art team only use these shadows questionably a handful of times, and have done a good job capturing characters’ emotions and battles’ intensities throughout all four issues otherwise. Aside from a few emotionally driven moments, and a humorous plan from Zayne, issue four doesn’t advance the plot too much, but everything is all set up for an action-filled conclusion next issue, and the splash page at the end should whet your appetite until then.

3.5/5 Kath Hounds

Reviewed by J. Lawrence Davis All staff members can be contacted at

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