What’s New in the EU (April 15)

What's been going on this past week in the Star Wars Expanded Universe?  Read on to find out! C2E2 News The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) took over Chicago this past weekend. Anthony Daniels was in attendance, and the ForceCast reported that Daniels confirmed a forthcoming sequel to last summer's The Padawan Menace LEGO special. Also from C2E2, James Haley reported that "readers will soon see a “Star Wars” book set in the original trilogy era written by one of Dark Horse’s biggest talents." From the Twitters Erich Schoeneweiss reported that he and Frank Parisi met with Death Troopers and Red Harvest author Joe Schreiber was at the Del Rey offices. Is he working on a new Star Wars project?  Erich also announced that he and Essential Guide to Warfare author Jason Fry will be at Star Wars Weekends from June 1-3. Finally, Joe Corroney tweeted that he is working on Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel artwork, presumably for their upcoming honeymoon short story in the Star Wars Insider.  Mini-Excerpt!   The Star Wars Books Facebook page posted a mini-except for Star Wars: Scourge by Jeff Grubb, coming in paperback and ebook format April 24.
Mander leaned back against the shuddering glass and cleared his mind. Ahead of him one of the signblimps was sagging its way slowly across the sky. He reached out, mentally, and pulled it towards them. The lighter-than-air vehicle bobbled towards them, but the droid driver revved its engines to let it clear the building. “Size matters not.” Mander muttered. “Inertia, however, is a pain in the butt.”
Big News! This week's big news surrounds John Jackson Miller's upcoming Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Series. The anthology's release date has been moved up a week to July 24. The format of the book has also been changed, to trade paperback, in order to accomodate maps of Kesh! Yay maps! The Collected Series will also contain the never-before-published novella Pandemonium.

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