The Old Republic Loses Almost Half a Million Subscribers

In an earning statement from Electronic Arts today, the video game publisher announced that the number of subscribers for Star Wars: The Old Republic has taken a massive tumble with the loss of 400,000 players. In EA's Q3 statement earlier this year, the amount of subscribers playing The Old Republic was 1.7 million. In today's Q4 statement, however, EA revealed that the number of subscribers has dropped almost 25% to 1.3 million. EA has referred to the significant decrease in players as the result of "casual and trial players" no longer playing the game. When The Old Republic launched, players were given a free 30-day trial. Are you still playing The Old Republic, or have you moved on to other games? Let us know in the comments. For those wondering if they should jump into The Old Republic, EUCantina's Andrew Halliday has started a new weekly column, Life in The Old Republic, that shares the experience of The Old Republic for non-gamers and those on the fence. Source: Kotaku

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