Review: Knights of the Old Republic – War #5

Written by John Jackson Miller Pencils by Andrea Mutti Inks by Pierluigi Baldassini Colors by Michael Atiyeh Lettering by Michael Heisler Cover Art by Benjamin Carré From my experience, writing a good ending to a comic story arc is difficult, and I found the ending to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: War #5 to have this difficulty. John Jackson Miller and team wrap up all the loose ends, even slipping in commentary on why these comics are told in miniseries instead of ongoings, but it comes across anticlimactically.

Knights of the Old Republic: War #5

The script John writes is fine, reminding readers new and old alike where the story is, what's brought the story to this point, and where it's going now. The emotional drive to explain the ending is well written in the dialogue and dramatic spacing of panels, and even though the action of the final battle is only a few panels long, I can believe it would be that short because of what's discussed between our hero, Zayne Carrick, and the leader of the Mandalorian Knights. Throughout the whole arc, the art team of Andrea Mutti, Pierluigi Baldassini, and Michael Atiyeh has done a good job capturing emotional moments when they're included, but I'm still unsure what some of their art at certain moments is trying to say. I've continually addressed the awkward shadows, and they return more prominent in this issue than the last one. A couple panels had entire speaking characters blacked out who I couldn't identify until I read their dialogue in the context of the story. And when a silhouette of a human character is all I'm given, I have trouble differentiating him or her from the other ones, although alien silhouettes are easier to identify, as the art team demonstrates towards the end of the issue. I enjoyed the miniseries up to this final issue where the team built up an action-driven finale which turned out to be a talking-driven finale instead. There's no more adventures for these characters in the near future, and with John writing a new Knight Errant and Lost Tribe of the Sith miniseries, spreading out the stories instead of a giving us a "lump sum," I wouldn't expect Zayne to return until the fall, if he does return in a timely fashion.

3/5 Kath Hounds

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