UPDATED: New Art from The Essential Reader’s Companion

The official Star Wars books Facebook page revealed three new images from The Essential Reader's Companion today. The images are sketches for the guide that have been approved by Del Rey. They will be colored and given more detail for the final versions that will appear in the book, but they still are an excellent look at what we can expect.


My speculation that we could see a new piece of art for every EU novel, book, and novella was incorrect. Del Rey editor Erich Schoeneweiss provided clarification on the contents of The Essential Reader's Companion to EUCantina this morning:
We are trying hard to represent all of the series adequately as well as wide a range of prose as possible (we'll illustrate scenes from short stories, the young adult novels, and the Bantam/Del Rey novels). I'm confident the readers will be pleased with the fully painted scenes Jeff Carlisle, Darren Tan, and Chris Trevas are working on (there will be over one hundred when completed).
We're told that an image for each book will not be included, but there will still be enormous amounts of new artwork to swoon over. You can view the three new sketches below.

Scene from the Del Rey novel The Courtship of Princess Leia written by Dave Wolverton. Luke Skywalker battles Teneniel Djo in the Chu’unthor crash site on Dathomir. Sketch by Darren Tan.

Scene from the novella Side Trip (collected in written by Dave Wolverton. Captain Niriz offers Admiral Thrawn, in Jodo Kast's armor, a mineral water. Sketch by Chris Trevas.

Scene from the Del Rey novel The Old Republic: Deceived written by Paul S. Kemp. Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer and smuggler Zeerid “Z-Man” Korr free fall through Coruscant airspace as Z-Man’s ship, the Fatman explodes behind them. Sketch by Chris Trevas.

The Essential Reader's Companion will be released on October 2nd.  

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