Filoni Teases TCW Season Five in Star Wars Insider #134 [Updated]

Star Wars Insider #134 hasn't hit subscriber inboxes yet, but a scan of an interview with Dave Filoni has already turned up online (it isn't clear where the article originally appeared). An interview sidebar reveals a few interesting tidbits about Season Five of The Clone Wars TV series, including a new planet (Onderon), the debut of Black Sun, promises of Embo in action alongside his new pet, and much more. Filoni also reveals the name of the season premiere--A War on Two Fronts--and teases that "some of the characters that we have created for the show will meet their destinies."
Strange New Worlds! In Season Five, we'll be going to Onderon, a planet known from the Tales of the Jedi comics series. "We looked to ancient Rome for a lot of visual inspiration of the city, and we also go deep into the jungles outside," says Filoni. Criminal Minds! In between the Republic and the Separatists are the various crime organizations in the galaxy. We'll see them surface from the shadows in Season Five, not only with the return of such rogues as Hondo Ohnaka, but also the series debut of the infamous Black Sun cartel. A Droid on a Mission! "R2-D2 has his biggest adventure yet," teases Filoni, "and it's definitely not a fairy tale." Though Artoo's exploits in Season Four were more side adventures, Season Five has what Filoni describes as "Artoo's biggest contribution to the war effort." Embo in Action! Season Five will feature bounty hunter Embo in action, joined by his new shaggy sidekick, Marrok. As seen in this sketch by Filoni (right) [ed. not pictured], the director likens their partnership to the one shared by the G.I. Joe characters Snake Eyes and Timber. Reckonings! Filoni offers this ominous hint: "Some characters that we have created for the show will meet their destinies." Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns in the Fall with the episode "A War on Two Fronts."
Update: Lightsaber Rattling also found the names for the first seven episodes in the issue:
  1. A War on Two Fronts
  2. Front Runners
  3. The Soft War
  4. Tipping Points
  5. An Old Friend
  6. The Rise of Clovis
  7. Crisis at the Heart

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