Review: Knight Errant Volume 2 – Deluge

Script | John Jackson Miller Pencils | Ivan Rodriguez, Iban Coello, and David Daza Inks | Ivan Rodriguez and Sergio Abad Colors | Michael Atiyeh Letters | Michael Heisler Cover Art | Joe Quinones

Knight Errant Volume 2: Deluge

The next chapter in the adventures of Kerra Holt brings our heroine to the planet Aquilaris, her former home world. While working to free the world from the control of Lord Daiman, Kerra meets Captain Jenn Devaad, who works for Grace Command and leads Devil Squadron on relief missions. However, new threats come to Aquilaris, and Kerra learns that the Sith are not the only enemies to worry about in the area.

John Jackson Miller delivers another outstanding story filled with twists and action. Although the story starts fast with lots of explosions and sound effects, it eventually slows down with Kerra getting to know others who fight to repel the Sith. John handles lots of characters with ease in this story, revealing plenty of Jenn Devaad's back story while investigating the spice drug, Deluge. Readers are also introduced to Zodoh, a Hutt with hopes of cutting out his own slice of space from the Sith. He's a great character, filled with evil dialogue, untraditional means of war, and a much better way of getting around than others of his race.

And for a story with lots of characters, dialogue, and a wide arrange of emotions, the art helps deliver the tone of John's script. Immediately, when I see three people listed as pencils, I think of whether they used one style for the art or their own. I personally prefer one style per story, and the team does just that, making it difficult for me to tell easily which panel was done by which pencil artist, and that gives the story a smooth flow as readers go from one issue to another without pages marking where one ends and the other begins.

Another thing I noticed immediately as I read through the story is the expressions of the characters. Readers will see several defeated characters that are all hooked on Deluge, and you can tell without Kerra pointing it out who's an addict and who's not. Kerra and Jenn also have several moments where matters get out of their control, and the anger they feel are illustrated very well, even without the display of misplaced Force usage.

Overall, a very great story from the team, and any fan can jump on here without reading volume 1 or the Knight Errant novel (although checking those stories out enhances the experience).

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

4.5/5 Kath Hounds

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